I work with the most amazing,

caring, and super smart women.

Here are their stories…

The peace behind my smile is real now.

Before I started Angela’s program, I gave the impression that I was successful, happy and had it all together, but inside I was lacking peace and joy. No job is worth running yourself into the ground.

At night when I was supposed to be sleeping, my mind would race – constantly thinking about what needed to be done or dwelling on events that were negative. I would wake up feeling tired.

I was so busy with work and wanting to do it perfectly that I sacrificed eating regular meals and found myself eating junk, feeling sluggish and on the path to gaining weight from binge eating at night. My young adult children would come visit me and I found myself missing half of what they said because I was distracted.

I felt a void between me and my husband because we were so busy working to achieve success that we lost track of taking care of each other. Some might call it a rat race.

I wanted to sleep peacefully at night. I wanted to wake up looking forward to the day. I wanted to feel relaxed and joyful. I wanted to spend time with my family without allowing work to interfere.

There were times throughout this process that felt uncomfortable because I was baring my soul and felt vulnerable. I am so glad I hung in there as Angela’s patience and compassion have helped me to have that same compassion for myself.


I no longer feel overwhelmed. 


I now feel comfortable telling people I am not available. I have learned to let go and trust other people to do various jobs that I used to feel responsible for in my business.


I no longer dread getting up in the morning because I have stopped being a controller.

I have taught myself with Angela’s help to have a “beginner’s mind” – I am now open to experiences whether they be negative or positive. I have learned to sit with the negative, make a decision on how to handle it and move on –

no more dwelling on the “I should have’s.”

I think clearly now. I don’t feel guilty if I can’t meet everyone’s expectations.

I recommend Angela’s Freedom from Chronic Stress Program for the woman who thinks she has to be it all and do it all, for the woman who strives for perfection and doesn’t want to disappoint.

I have gone from being a “human doing” to becoming a “human being” again.

Mary K

Real Estate Agent

I am happy with my state of balance.

Once my mind awakened to mindfulness, I could not go back.

My communication has improved with with others. My grace toward my husband has improved which means that grace toward myself has improved.  

I am happy with my state of balance and progress with self-care.


A Smart Mom

I have learned to trust myself. I ended the cycle of sacrificing my needs that led to constant burnout.

I have reached the ability to maintain a sense of calm and peace that was always elusive before, and experience more love and joy in my life as a result!

“I can’t do this anymore…”

This is the thought that prompted me to give Angela a call and explore the idea of working together.

Prior to that phone call, I had spent many years in self-exploration and self-improvement, and thought that was the key to getting a handle on things.

I had really high expectations for myself, and was a long-time perfectionist. Those expectations were higher for me than for others. I was more concerned with people not being upset with me, even though it was at my own expense.

Despite having a successful family life and career, I always had the “not good enough” tape playing non-stop in my head. My answer was to always try to do better, or do more, thinking that would solve the problem. But that only led to more stress and frustration, and what I called the “endless spin cycle”. This was exhausting! So, I finally reached the point of admitting that I couldn’t do it by myself any longer.

Working with Angela through her program has been life-changing and transforming. I have made so many self-discoveries through this process that I feel like a completely different person.

The first key thing I put into practice was self-compassion. This changed the lens of how I saw myself, and took a lot of pressure off. It became the single most important thing that profoundly impacted my life.

But there was more!

Having permission to take care of myself, and identify the best way to do that, was eye-opening. This practice ended the cycle of sacrificing my needs that had led to constant burnout.  

Angela also helped me to clarify core values that drive my happiness in life, and coming back to those when things get crazy always helps me get centered and stay balanced.

Instead of relying on the opinions of others to direct my decision making, I have learned to trust myself. As a long-time people pleaser, this was a huge shift for me, and has led to major changes in my life since I completed the Freedom from Chronic Stress Program.

I moved into a new and more authentic way of life.  The important people in my life have commented that I am now more accurately reflecting who I really am in the world, and reaching the potential that they saw in me all along!

I have reached the ability to maintain a sense of calm and peace that was always elusive before, and experience more love and joy in my life as a result!

I am grateful to Angela for helping me to find a new and more fulfilling path. This new way of being has transformed my life, and I am excited to see what the future holds for me. 

Tracy Copeland

I approach my life as something to live as opposed to a list of what I have to do or accomplish.

I said yes to Angela’s Freedom from Chronic Stress Program because I wanted to do more with my life.

I did not want the anxiety and stress I’ve felt my whole life to hold me back.

I wanted to start living how I really believed – that I am worth the time, effort, and money to be a human and live how I desire.

Before working with Angela, I spent years and thousands of dollars trying to ‘figure it out.’ But after completing the program, I have the skills to see my habits and hang-ups with love and understanding. Now I make the best choice for me without angst.

I used to operate like I was a robot; but through this program, I now truly feel that I am not an object.

I approach my life as something to live as opposed to a list of what I have to do or accomplish.

I’ve learned to be present in the moment, appreciating even the simple things like doing dishes or sweeping the floor.


I’ve learned to relax in my body.


I can enjoy my relationships.

I finally feel welcome and at home in my own life.


This transformation was not just a flash of insight but a complete change of heart. 


To be fully alive with less stress in my body is a dream come true.

Jennifer F

Administration Director

I experience freedom from the noise and worry.


Before I started the program with Angela, stress and overwhelm consumed my daily life. It seemed to grow with each passing year.

My mind was cloudy and I had a difficult time fully engaging at work. My relationship with my family suffered and I found myself short-tempered and exhausted.

I had tried many things to heal, but nothing was working, so I decided to work with Angela to get to the root cause of the dysfunction and heal from the inside out.

After completing the Freedom from Chronic Stress Program, I am more grounded as a woman, wife, mother, sister, and friend. I’m back to my natural essence – who I am and what I stand for.


 Things don’t seem to “just happen to me” anymore because I now choose what and more importantly, what not to, engage in. 


I don’t overschedule and I say no a lot – this feels empowering and so good!


I am more deliberate and honest.

While lessening the guilt I experience is an on-going practice for me, I now have more patience, awareness, acceptance, self-compassion, simplicity, vulnerability, truth, spaciousness and joy. 

I experience freedom from the noise and worry.

Giving myself a break, non-judging, and letting go of perfectionism has brought me into a new relationship with myself, my family, and strangers I pass on the street.


There is depth and richness in my relationships and interactions with people that I’ve been missing for the past 10 years or so.


Angela is real and warm with a great sense of humor, quick wit, and femininity. Through her own suffering, she found a methodology that works.

I loved coaching with her and the content and flow of the program curriculum. She has a genuine desire to help women remember who they are and can help you get yourself back.


Manager, Strategic Selling Processes

It is great to intellectually know to be peaceful, but it is another thing entirely to be those things and to experience them in a non-intellectual way. Angela helped me greatly with this.

I was getting to the space in my life and career where I was beginning to feel the effects of a plate too full – a little bit of anxiety, a little bit of scattered energy, wondering if I was using my time effectively. I wanted to pre-empt more stress and strife, and so I decided to begin!

The biggest piece of relief from working with Angela is the wide variety of embodiment techniques she taught me. So, ok, it is great to intellectually “know” to be peaceful, but it is another thing entirely to “be” those things and to experience them in a non-intellectual way. Angela helped me greatly with this.

I also learned to accept that other people are going to have their unique process in handling stressors, and this is separate from my own.

Letting others off the hook is an amazing exercise in peace and radical self-responsibility.

I have more sense of self-meaning and self-creation – I look less to the outside world to define who I am and/or what I should be doing.

I have more gentleness with myself and others, and thus more patience.

The Freedom from Chronic Stress Program is definitely for those who want to do their own work and take the journey inward toward greater peace of mind and clarity.

Jillian Sarno Teta

Naturopathic Doctor

The noise in my head used to be the melody of my life; now it’s the background music. 

I decided to work with Angela in the Freedom From Chronic Stress Coaching Program because despite “having it all,” I was missing joy and a deep connection to my spouse and daughters.

After completing the program, I have awareness of what I need in the moment and the willingness to choose whatever that is instead of go along with what I think I should do or what others would want me to do. 

I have learned to act and not react, and to be comfortable with negative feelings instead of try to change them.

This has resulted in a major improvement in my relationship with my spouse and kids, how I exercise, and allows me to engage with nature and people without resistance. 

The noise in my head used to be the melody of my life; now it’s the background music.

Angela will guide you through your own journey with humor, compassion, and without judgment. The framework she’s created is an effective structure that builds on itself, and is completely customizable to the unique individual. 

I took the plunge to work with Angela somewhat blindly, but I trusted her from day one because I felt like she would understand and guide me. I am so glad I did – this is one of the best things I have ever done for myself. 


Melissa, PhD

I experience less guilt about the things I am not doing and more enjoyment of the things I am doing.

Prior to starting the program I constantly felt stressed, frustrated, and resentful.

I wanted to stop feeling like I was on auto-pilot, rushing from one competing demand to another.

Working with Angela has been a spiritual journey. It has enabled me to discern what is important in my life. It has helped me to recognize that I am choosing to do whatever activity I am engaged in, which allows me to fully engage in the moment.

I take better care of myself. I get a full night’s sleep (most of the time), I take time to eat lunch, and I take breaks from my work to stretch or just look out the window.

I experience less guilt about the things I am not doing and more enjoyment of the things I am doing. Through self-awareness, I am able to connect with my husband, children, friends, and colleagues in a more open, honest, and joyful way.

I am thankful for where I am at now and that I have a masterful guide in Angela. She is a patient listener, insightful observer, knowledgeable teacher, and caring person.

I enthusiastically recommend Angela’s program for any woman seeking meaningful change in her life.


Janet W


I found an inner voice that gave me the courage to take care of myself, know my limits, and say no to unreasonable requests.

I was introduced to Angela at a retreat and cried as she spoke to the group. Ten plus years of counseling had not produced any lasting change in my outlook on life or my perfectionist behaviors, so I knew it was time to try something new. 

Before starting the Freedom from Chronic Stress Program, I did anything and everything I was asked at my own expense.

With Angela’s guidance, I found an inner voice that gave me the courage to take care of myself, know my limits, and say no to unreasonable requests. 

My evolution is evident in the fact that I am more comfortable sitting with indecision. I’m more willing to let things be and not beat myself up because I don’t have an answer right away.

I can now sit with my thoughts and emotions – the good and the bad – before reacting to them.

I’m more grounded, and less like a swinging pendulum, going from one extreme to the other. 

I learned that experiencing joy in life means I also have to experience the pain; it’s a package deal, but that’s not a bad thing. This awareness allows me to be more open and genuine with other people, which has strengthened my friendships. 

Angela is completely genuine; there is no fluff or sugar coating in your coaching sessions. Return the favor to get the most out of this experience to connect with an awesome person and phenomenal coach.


Ashley K

Pharmacist & Medical Writer

I don’t have to keep on this blind path of business.

I’ve always been a Type A person, bragging about how busy I am and rushing from meeting to work to volunteer engagement. My worth came from my schedule and I was proud it was packed.

It was stressful to be on the go all the time. I felt guilty when I had to say no to people. More than anything else, it put a strain on my marriage.

As my husband and I start a family (I’m due in December!), I knew this was not the way I wanted to live.

I wanted to slow down, enjoy the moment and choose roles I wanted to play that made me feel good.

After completing the Freedom from Chronic Stress ProgramI am more patient and choose my responses to stressful circumstances. I have solid tools for resting and regulating stress – tools more substantial than just getting a pedicure and worrying about what I’m not doing!

I’ve learned sitting and walking meditation, both are amazing for coming back to the moment.

I now choose how to live my life. 

I don’t have to feel guilty about saying no to things, because I know that I am making decisions that work for me.

I am more aware of who I am and who I want to be – which helps me make decisions that lead me to that person, not farther away.

This process has been an amazing journey and one that will be with me forever.

Thank you Angela.

Elizabeth F


With the practice of self-compassion, I am now able to focus on what I really want and need and pay less attention to what my mind says I “should” be doing.

I travel a lot for work and before starting the Freedom from Chronic Stress Program, I felt like I would show up, do my job, and then go home and cocoon. I struggled with work-life balance and found that I was not being my best self with work or my family. I didn’t take time to be with friends or to exercise and felt very disconnected.

I knew I needed to make a change or I would drive myself crazy.

I said yes to working with Angela because it was time to make myself a priority. It would be better for me, but would also make me a better wife, mom, and employee.

Angela creates a very safe space that allowed me to open up and discuss anything and everything.

The most important lesson I learned was to allow myself to just be.

Whether it was dealing with a difficult situation, not feeling guilty about going to the gym, or spending extra time on a work project – if it honored my values, then that was what I need to do.

Awareness is the biggest change I have seen in myself – awareness of how I treat myself, my family and friends, and my colleagues.

With the practice of self-compassion, I am now able to focus on what I really want and need and pay less attention to what my mind says I “should” be doing.

Betsy Burton-Strunk

VP of Business Development

Instead of concentrating on the corporate pressure to “measure up,” I now know that I AM ENOUGH…just as I am.

Before I said yes to Angela’s Freedom From Chronic Stress Program I was out of balance – working long hours at my job and not feeling as good about my physical self as I knew I deserved. I felt like I was a bird stuck in a cage, trapped in my own skin and wanting to open the cage door to fly free and lighter.

I knew I needed more sleep and shift my thinking about my gifts and self-perceptions.

Part of my vision was to approach each day as a sacred gift…to love myself fully so I could in turn spread joy and love to others.

Angela helped me weigh my values and align my actions with them.

I am now much more disciplined about leaving work on time and not taking it home with me.

I take better care of my physical needs which has a tremendous positive impact on my mental health.

I take more deep breaths and practice living in the moment.

Angela is a skilled coach and asks powerful, insightful questions that challenges and elicits solutions from me. The curriculum in the Freedom from Chronic Stress Program provides the perfect opportunity for self-reflection and loving change.

I am flying lighter and am closer to that image of the bluebird of happiness. It is a journey, and I am enjoying the flight!


Kimberly Z

Marketing Director

I now easily recognize how my body responds to stress and anxiety. I am able to work through these sensations before they cause trouble.

Before working with Angela, stress was affecting every aspect of my life.

Saying yes to the Freedom from Chronic Stress Program was easy because I wanted my marriage to work and be fully engaged in my new baby daughter’s life.

The biggest AHA I experienced was becoming aware of my body’s needs. I now easily recognize how my body responds to stress and anxiety. I am able to work through these sensations before they cause trouble, and I feel so much better using the breathing techniques I’ve learned.

I experience more appreciation and acceptance of my imperfections, and am moving toward a sense of comfort and presence.”