Chronic stress is a state of consistent physical, emotional, and mental tension that keeps the mind racing and the body on edge for a period of months to years.

It’s a no-fun-stressful-way-to-live that seems relentless.

Despite your best efforts to set goals and take care of yourself, the permanent relief you’re looking for never lasts.

Chronic stress shows up in hard-working professional women like this:

  • Having almost everything you ever wanted, but not fully enjoying it
  • Being unable to completely relax even when you want to
  • Impatience, perfectionist tendencies, intense self-pressure, anxiety, exhaustion, and resentment (to name a few)
  • Consistently feeling rushed or crazy busy
  • Not being able to fully be present with who and what is in front of you because the mind is always thinking about what’s next or what else you should be doing 

If you experience any of these signs of chronic stress, what do you think you need to do to reduce stress?

What do magazines, wellness “experts” (they’re not experts to me!), and the media tell you to do?

Take a vacation. Exercise. Try yoga. Go on retreat. Take 30 minutes for yourself everyday. Take a long, warm bath. Meditate. 





How often are you told (or tell yourself) to engage in these activities to resolve chronic stress?

These things are wonderful acts of self-care.

But they are bandages if you experience burnout or chronic stress.

None of these acts of self-care resolve the core issues that create the internal and external conditions that generate symptoms of chronic stress.

I think this myth perpetuates even more suffering because women end up adding to their to-do lists to take care of themselves, and over-extend themselves even more in the process.

What do you say after vacation?

‘Back to reality.’ or ‘It wasn’t worth it.’

What do you say after a massage or yoga class? 

‘I feel so relaxed. I wish I could keep this feeling all the time.’ 

Yes, delicious acts of self-care like this will temporarily reduce acute stress.

But relying on ‘something else to do’ to experience freedom is counterproductive. 

Do you rush and stress to get to yoga class? Then sit down on your mat all frazzled and say, ‘Whew, I made it!

Counterproductive, and honestly kinda funny when you think about it.

The key to resolve chronic stress is to stop looking outside for your external conditions to change and look within yourself to restore the connection with a heart that is dying to be set free.

Just because constant busyness and chronic stress has been normalized in our culture, does not mean it is normal.

There is a way to change from within so you can have peace, regardless of your external circumstances.

Unburdened. Content. Spacious.

Even with a demanding career.

I created a free video series to teach you how to stop overscheduling so you can be less rushed and more effective.

6 videos – all under 15 minutes – delivered to you over 2 weeks so you can have a sustainable schedule and space in your life to breathe.

You won’t hear lame advice like ‘just take 5 minutes for yourself’ or ‘make sure to get 8 hours of sleep’ or ‘leave work at work.’

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It requires no goal setting or striving. But it does require a willing heart.

You’ll restore a connection with yourself so you can have a sustainable pace and enjoy your life, even if you have a ton of responsibility.

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